Not only is Naomi a personal trainer with almost 2 decades worth of industry experience but she is an accredited exercise physiologist (AEP) and accredited exercise scientist (AES). This means that she completed her studies at university over a number of years. Naomi is also completing her Masters studies in human nutrition as she believes in a holistic approach to health and fitness.

Naomi has also spent the last 10 years teaching up and coming personal trainers and natural therapists about disease, pathophysiology, nutrition, anatomy and physiology. To teach these courses (and continue her study) has meant that she has spent much of her time reading the latest in health, medical, nutrition and fitness research. This is great news for you. This means that all of Naomi’s training programs are backed by science and she has figured out the optimal way to improve fitness, strength and body composition.

If you choose to train with Naomi, it means you can be guaranteed of achieving your fitness goals. You can be assured of not wasting your time or money. If you choose to undertake regular training in combination with one of her nutrition programs you will give yourself the best chance of achieving some serious results.

Most of Naomi’s programs are high intensity and short duration. This is because the latest in research is showing us that HIIT training is very effective at improving fitness with a minimal amount of training required. This is why, with Naomi, you will be encouraged to train less and rest more for maximal results (yes you read that right). Again, the latest research is showing us that the best results are achieved with far less training we once thought possible.

So don’t waste any more time. Get in contact with Naomi and come and try one of her sessions for FREE.

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Intensity is king! Our body only responds to stimulus and when we train, that stimulus is the intensity. If your weights are too light or your heart rate is too low, you simply will not achieve the results you’re after. After years of listening to people tell me about their lack of results, I am convinced one of the biggest issues was not training at the right intensity.

HIIT training ensures you will be working hard enough AND you don’t have to do a long session. Short and sweet – perfect for the busy person!

The research is also in on the benefits of HIIT. HIIT has been shown to improve fitness quickly and efficiently, whilst keeping people interested and engaged. Cardiovascular fitness offers protection against cardiovascular disease and every year, 33% of all deaths in Australia are due to cardiovascular disease. The latest research has also shown that the number 1 risk factor for all-cause mortality (i.e. all reasons for death) is a low cardiovascular disease. This makes HIIT a no-brainer.

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