We now offer the latest in bioimpedance analysis for our clients in Ipswich, QLD. A bioimpedance analysis will estimate your body composition and is so helpful in monitoring your progress when you start a new way of eating or exercise plan.

Our Bioimpedance Scan will give you the following data within seconds of starting the test:

  • Body Fat %
  • Target Body Fat (min/max)
  • Lean Tissue %
  • Lean Tissue in kg’s and a target range
  • Water Volume as a %, in L’s and a target range
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) (Kilo-Calories) (Resting)
  • Body Impedance (Z)

Benefits to our clients:

  • Monitoring excessively high or low levels of Total Body Fat
  • Fat loss with out the risk of losing muscle
  • Effect of weight loss program
  • Dietary and exercise recommendations
  • Peak performance by monitoring and controlling Body Fat
  • Body Fat changes in body composition associated with ageing malnutrition and certain diseases
  • Growth development and age related changes in children,adolescents and identifying those most at risk because of under or over fatness
  • Mysterious weight gain or loss associated with periodic bloating or dehydration
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Location: Ipswich, QLD

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